Fleet Hawks offers an integrated, accurate and affordable solution to manage entire fleet operations. The core principles of the application are based on compliance, routing-dispatch, safety and accounting.

Fleet Safety

Ensure all the vehicles are effectively tracked for driver HOS violations, critical events, any historical logs with the capability to fetch videos for analysis. Coaching drivers in real time and generating driver score card to ensure driver safety and fleet efficiency.

Cost Savings

Fleet Hawks brings deep insights that help determine revenue per mile per unit with respect to the corridor that works best for the company. Generating all these data points helps companies evaluate various scenarios and guides in taking the right decisions.

Electronic Logging
Device (ELD)

Fleet Hawks ELD has been specifically designed to meet the technical requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Transport Canada (TC).

Starting from $27/mo + $199 hardware

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Routing & Dispatch

When it comes to daily issues of dispatch, Fleet Hawks' ELD provides simplified yet sophisticated routing tools so load and dispatch management is on fingertips.

Starting from $199/mo for first 3 trucks.

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Asset Trackers

Solar Asset Tracker

In a world where location precision matters, Fleet Hawks' GPS tracking provides the latest driver, vehicle and assets location near to real-time so instant decisions can be taken by fleet managers to handle operations.

Starting from $11/mo + $159 hardware.

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Hard Wired Tracker

Hard Wired Tracker is a vehicle tracking device. It could be powered when wired and towed by trucks and operate on only battery when trailers standing alone (power disconnected). The multiple inputs and outputs could be used for connecting accessories.

Starting from $11/mo + $149 hardware.

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Wired Asset Tracker

Fleet Hawks GPS trackers have been designed to help you track your assets, be it trucks or trailers. With our easy to use GPS tracking devices, you can know where your assets are at any given time and thus ensure that your fleet is never out of service. Our products include asset trackers in wired and wireless versions.

Starting from $11/mo + $149 hardware.

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Dash Cam

FleetHawks DashCam is a simple, powerful tool that helps you improve your fleet's safety performance - in real time. With the ability to capture footage before or during vehicle collisions, it allows you to immediately review and analyze the event with video replay and behavior tagging.

Starting from $40/mo + $399 hardware.

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Automate Every Part of The Order

Enabling every mile visibility for customers

Bring the complete visibility of your fleet and share to your customer on demand. Fleet Hawks platform bring real time tracking with complete visibility of your drivers and automate most of daily task.

Platform Security

Our main goal at Fleet Hawks is to provide a secure and stable platform for all your business needs. Our data centers are located in North America, specifically in Canada where we have lower latency than other locations around the world.

Multi-factor authentication

Zero trust policy for Data access

All users actions logged

Data redundancy in multiple locations

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  • Order Management
  • Plan & Dispatch
  • Driver Scheduling
  • Track and Trace Order
  • Profitability Planning
  • Driver Pay/Settlement
  • Control Center
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Multi-Currency
  • Integrations


  • Order Filtering
  • Dispatch To Carriers
  • Automatic Updates
  • Customer Tracker & Trace
  • Historic Orders
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Live Chat
  • Integrations
  • 24x7 Support

Truck Specific Route

Something that Truckers rely on everyday

Truck specific routes

Check height restrictions of Bridges

Real-time Traffic updates include Congestion and Accidents

Truck specific Parking and stops in Point of Interests

Real-time Route Weather Conditions

Truck Route


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Why Work with Fleet Hawks?

Working at Fleet Hawks emphasis much more on just having a job to earn money as you will always have exciting new opportunities to grow. As a part of our team, you will contribute to shaping up and automating various businesses leaping into the depth of telematics industry. You will be a part of something exciting and next generation technologies.

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Sales Executive




1 Year+

Must Have Skills

Good Communication Skill | Experience in Sales | Presentation Skills | Client Relationships


Full Stack Developer




Highly Skilled Experienced

Must Have Skills

Angular | AWS Certified | DevOps | Micro Service | Docker | Node.js | DynamoDB | IOT


Cloud/Network Infrastructure Engineer




2 years +


Network Management of IP and WAN networks (IPAM, SNMP, and CLI knowledge)

Strong Linux Administration skillset

2 years + AWS experience

Perimeter security, firewalls, load balancers

Nice to have worked on IOS/NXOS or a platform like VYOS

What does your day to day look like ?

Plan, design, configure networking into our Cloud infrastructure in AWS

Provide engineering support on end-to-end problem resolution and root cause analysis in collaboration with other functional groups, business units and vendors.

Layer 3 support for production network.

Solve challenges of scalability, efficiency, and security at scale in cloud environments

Building high availability, high resilience networks and infrastructure

Security best practices through continuous monitoring of networks and implementing its automation

Expert knowledge of Cloud Computing Engineering, concepts, service models (IaaS, PaaS, etc.), deployment models, practical implementations, operations, security and future trend

Troubleshooting, maintenance, and improvement of the core network Architecture

SOC 2 implementation as regards network security and design

Multi-account cross-region AWS network stacks, including Direct Connect, Transit Gateways, VPC Peering, Subnet Sharing

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